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YesEM - Yes Everyone Matters is a social venture 

working with partners to enrich potential through respect


Where it all started

Monday afternoon, 6th April 2015, over a cup of coffee, John started testing my reaction on his statements regarding leadership, and provided numerous topics for me to indicate whether I felt strongly about them or not. He picked up the points that I reacted to without hesitation by the enthusiasm and sparks in my eyes. From this exchange, I began to realise what I truly believed in. My life and the lessons I have learnt and hold dearly all point to the same thing, that is, I don’t want people to go through life suffering from the feeling of being rejected, ignored, left behind or lacking a sense of belonging. What I have learnt through my journey is that solutions lie and begin with my own self-respect, and that is self-leadership.  


But little did I know...

After brainstorming about this, we came up with “YES Everyone Matters” as my mission. The original focus has been the workplace – every profession matters. To raise the awareness about the importance of each and every job, to reduce social prejudice on certain jobs, to allow kids and young people to follow their strengths allowing them to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, whatever they are. To create an enabling environment for people to grow. Valuing all staff members, respecting each other regardless of the position they hold, will lead to increased productivity and a contented workforce. 


That is why YesEM matters to me. 

The beginning of YES Everyone Matters

In 2018, I challenged myself to ask 3 questions to random strangers on streets. This made me realise that it is not just simply Everyone Matters but it is 'Yes Everyone Matters'.  

YesEM is about enriching potential through respect.  

Each profession is important. We need each other. The CEO needs the cleaner as much as the cleaner needs the CEO. Each one of us has a role to play to contribute to the success of organisations one way or another. Give me an example of the professions in your company that do not matter! 


To create an environment where people value other occupations that traditionally could be perceived as lower value. To create an environment in a workplace where staff engagement is strongly encouraged, resulting in higher motivation and improved productivity. A workplace where staff give that extra mile for their work and where they are respected and valued regardless of their position, age, gender and appearance. 


The value beneath the skin!

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