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Yes, Everyone Matters! - What the public thinks

What does EM mean to you?

In 2018, I challenged myself to ask 3 questions to random strangers on streets. This made me realise that it is not just simply Everyone Matters but it is 'Yes, Everyone Matters'.


On 8th July 2018, I challenged myself to reach out to one stranger everyday and ask them three questions (each time, I asked the same three questions). It was an inspiration that came to me when I was having a shower after I watched Katy Grennier's inspiration talk about her life journey. In that talk, what triggered me was her invitation to listen more. That was the key trigger for YesEM street challenge.


It is about a call for people, starting from myself, to start listening more, and to really listen with an open mind and open heart. I thought the first time would be hard and it would get easier the next... little that I knew, it didn't! Often it is about the right moment and the right timing. For example, one day when I got on the tram I was consciously choosing where to sit so that I could engage someone in conversation. I observed one lady who looked like a good challenge -- she didn't appear to be dangerous, but wasn't completely friendly-looking either, which meant I needed courage to approach her. I felt safe but was slightly out of my comfort zone, and it ended up being a rewarding discussion with her.

What I discovered

What I learned so far in the challenge was the magic of listening without expectations. The answers never failed to surprise me in a positive way. It opened up my perspective that people do see things differently, especially on the topic of everyone matters. I learnt more about how other people value/view/feel about these two words: Everyone Matters. That is the magic of asking questions and listening with open heart and mind.


Call to Action

Would love to hear from you if you would like to take up the challenge of doing a quick video on what you've discovered in your conversations around peoples views on the words "Everyone Matters"! Go on why not do it in your own language :)

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