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My design and facilitation approach is based on a fundamental principle, that is everyone matters. Liberating Structures is one of the main techniques I use in my practice to ensure every voice is unleashed, engaged and included.

Program Design

Being a highly enthusiastic and motivated facilitator who brings out the creativity and intelligence from individuals is what I am well known for. I have designed and delivered customer-driven and best practice programs to strengthen self-leadership, 

knowledge, skills and networks. Through my strong background in the water sector, I have had a five-year track record of designing and facilitating the International RiverFoundation Emerging Water Professionals Program with 90% ‘highly satisfactory’ feedback from over 200 global participants.

Capacity and Network Building

Working with Oxfam - Mekong Regional Water Governance Program and Transboundary Rivers of South Asia Program, I developed and delivered programs that aimed to strengthen knowledge and skills of civil societies in the region on the topics of Water Governance and Gender Impact Assessment in Hydropower Development

Young and Emerging Professionals Empowerment

Designed, mentored and facilitated mentoring programs between professionals around the world including Australia and Cambodia on water, sanitisation and hygiene sector (WASH) and social entrepreneurship. Through these 

programs I coached and supervised a number of interns that were successful in finding employment and scholarships to take on more opportunities to contribute back to the sector. Additionally, this program also enabled women to engage in economic development in WASH. 



I'm the regional coordinator for a large and highly diverse research-for-development programme, which Vanh has contributed towards through her work first as an MC at our 2016 Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy in 2016 in Bangkok; and then as a fully fledged facilitator at our 2017 event in Yangon. Vanh is a hugely competent, hard working and conscientious person, and an excellent facilitator. She brings humour and imagination to bear, and isn't in the least bit intimidated by hundreds of voices, each seeking to dominate the rest. Vanh manages and coordinates these great complexities with flair and humour, and it would be a great pleasure for us to work with her again. I have no hesitation recommending her to similar roles.

- Kim Geheb, WLE Greater Mekong Regional Coordinator

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