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Facilitation requires active listening, questioning, fun and agility. These are the principles I apply when facilitating about leadership and at forums, conferences and workshops of global networks.

Master of Ceremony, Moderator, and speaker

It is always a feeling of pride, privilege and just a bit of nervousness when I am invited to speak on different topics. Those feelings double when I challenge myself to apply facilitation to my talks and have conversations rather than one way communication.

I have facilitated a number of events including Asia Organisational Development Network Melbourne UnConference, Social Networking Workshop for Emerging Water Professionals during the International River Symposium, Self-Care workshop for Master of International Development Practice students at Monash University, leadership training program for Rotary Peace Center, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan. 

I have been invited a number of times to share my experiences and expertise on the below themes, that adds to creating an engaging workshop with participants where people can learn and share their ideas on how to make a better community.

water and energy nexus.png


Nexus Theme

Without water there is no energy nor food. When we look at problems from an interdisciplinary and integrated approach (yes it can be time-consuming), we avoid shifting the problem.


Gender Theme

Thanks to Oxfam, my knowledge on gender in water governance has strengthened. My knowledge and skills were sharpened when I led a gender impact assessment in hydropower, including the development of the App.



I have been working in the water sector since 2010 including transboundary water governance in Asia, local water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and urban water professional capabilities development. My focus is to shape the dialogue around water as leverage for greater impacts.



Only when you are aware of yourself and your emotions can you manage them. SEI - Social and Emotional Intelligence is listed as one of the top 10 skills in 2020 by World Economic Forum.

Click on the slideshow of images below on leadership and global networks


Global Networks



I'm the regional coordinator for a large and highly diverse research-for-development programme, which Vanh has contributed towards through her work first as an MC at our 2016 Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy in 2016 in Bangkok; and then as a fully fledged facilitator at our 2017 event in Yangon. Vanh is a hugely competent, hard working and conscientious person, and an excellent facilitator. She brings humour and imagination to bear, and isn't in the least bit intimidated by hundreds of voices, each seeking to dominate the rest. Vanh manages and coordinates these great complexities with flair and humour, and it would be a great pleasure for us to work with her again. I have no hesitation recommending her to similar roles.

- Kim Geheb, WLE Greater Mekong Regional Coordinator

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