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Time is TBD


Melbourne, Sydney, Bali

Women's Leadership Retreat

We invite you to an intense 48- hours "mid year reflection": During this retreat, you reflect on your personal challenges, connect with yourself and your personal desires to give you more sense of direction and purpose.

Women's Leadership Retreat
Women's Leadership Retreat

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Melbourne, Sydney, Bali

About the Event

During this retreat, you reflect on your personal challenges, connect with yourself and your personal desires to give you more sense of direction and purpose. Also you connect with other women of our generation, and learn from each others true challenges and help each other find their strength to bring their talents to the table.

Do you dare to really show yourself to others, learn about each others true challenges and how you can help each other in overcoming them? If you really dare to open up, remove all your masks and have true and honest conversations, then this is the right event for you.

The world faces constant changes, more profound and with ever more global impact. We see shifts in business models and a new generation entering the workforce with a new perspective on the world. As part of this new generation we have a lot of ideas on how to do things differently, but encounter barriers and limitations. We have difficulty to relate to the existing rules of conduct in our professional life, and consequently feel a lack of meaning or experience burn-out in work.

How can we have the real conversation together, an open and honest dialogue on what challenges we face and what is needed to overcome them, to make sure that our new perspectives can contribute to shaping the future?

This provides even a greater potential opportunity for women, as there is more attention now for female values, like connection and intuition. So it’s time to discover our potential and how we can empower each other for maximum impact.

This program brings women together to connect and work on our own and each others challenges. In this program we want to create an open space and honest environment, in which you are challenged to be completely open and honest with yourself, and in which we can truly learn from each others actual life learnings. We explore our barriers, and what to do with them. We discover who we are on a deeper level. We recognise which talents we have and want to give more space in our lives. We explore which changes we want to make, and to take responsibility to make it happen.

The program focuses on:

  • Deeper personal awareness
  • Connecting women of different backgrounds and generations
  • Becoming aware of the power and pitfalls of our generations
  • Increasing your impact in your private and professional environment

The event will be facilitated by Vanh (founder of YesEM) , Eveline (Co-founder of Flying Elephants) and Allison (founder of Humans Who Lead) You can find more background about our philosophy on change and leadership, and on other project we do on the websites.

Rough Program details:

Friday: Kick-off of program. Then a reflective exercise on personal life, to reflect on self and getting to know each other on deeper level through honest and open dialogue.

Saturday: Discovering personal desires and what is holding us back from achieving this. Working through our barriers and how we can overcome these. We will learn about our perspective on the world and our important personal drivers and motivations, and where we have have personal barriers through the methods of "ValueFraming", "theory U", "Leadership Embodiment", "Life of Pies" and open dialogue.

Sunday: Connecting with personal self on deeper level and your purpose in life, and work on action plan based on all the insights as to how to practice these in daily life.

We love to co-create this program with you! Get in touch if you have any questions.

The spaces are limited and this program runs at cost price. The maximum number of participants are 8 and minimum number is 5. The cost will range from AUD560-AUD850 depending on the final number. This cost includes meals and accommodation during the intensive 2 days. This fee does not include your personal travel expenses to and from the accommodation. To hold your space, you may either pay in full or initiate a payment plan.


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