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Get Out (Part 3)

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Please get out, look up and share your kindness.

My step tracker is definitely doing a good job influencing my psychology. That is, giving me that feeling of guilt if I don’t reach my target. After a long hour working on my computer, I realised that if I didnt get out immediately I would miss the sunlight and more importantly miss my steps target! I decided to try a different route for my walk today heading towards the ‘G’ (Melbourne Cricket Ground – the country’s biggest and greatest monument to sport located in Yarra Park). I started to hear thundering music and decided to follow the sound. It was coming from inside the stadium. I went to ask the staff at the entrance who were telling me that there was a movie playing tonight but the tickets were sold out. Another staff behind the gate overhead the conversation and offered me a ticket. She got it from a guest (with the initials DP), who returned it and said to give it to someone who may like to use it. I had watched the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody before, but it was in a 100 seat cinema, not a 100 thousand seat stadium, so of course I took up the generous offer! My decision to get out tonight ended up becoming a lovely movie night under the stars with some good interaction with the staff. What a pleasant turn. But that is not the point.

Please don’t stop being kind because what you do matters!

Sometimes, I do get very tired and de-motivated to keep doing what I am doing and when that happens, I have to ask myself why I am doing what I am doing. It is the clear purpose that keeps me grounded and it is small gestures and generosity of the people I come across that fuel my energy. That keeps me going. You may doubt if a small kindness, gesture, smile or consideration means anything. Doubt no more because it does! The kindness of the mysterious and forever anonymous DP to share his spare ticket and for the staff to do the same turned my evening around. It was not the specific movie that made my night, it was their kindness that reassures me there is hope and there are people with positive energy, and there are self-less people out there. It is for these people that I keep doing what I do through YesEM. You may not know how your empathy and kindness impacts others, and you may never be knowingly acknowledged, but please don’t stop doing it because yes, what you do matters! Please get out, look up and share your kindness.

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