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Get Out (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Lately I have been feeling like I have too much time on my hands. Then I realised that actually no, I am living a healthier lifestyle which means I can get my work done faster and better when my mind is fresh.

I have started to prioritise my health over “screens” by getting active – walk more, jog more and bike more. It is not easy to get out and I mean really get out of my office desk, of my lunch at my desk, of my home, of my computer and most importantly get out without continually checking or looking at my two phones and really be present.

I have started two personal challenges in the last month. One is to have an unfriendly and expensive data plan for my phone. This helps me stop looking at my phone while travelling to and from work and when I am out. It was really weird at first, since many people around me were looking at their phones. But after a few minutes, it got really interesting. I noticed beautiful buildings, graffiti, streets, trees and people behaviours that I have never noticed before.

The “wow” moment for me was that I really am a tiny part of everything else and what seems to be “the end of the world” problem that I was carrying on my shoulder was hardly worth stressing about when I stop looking at the screen and start looking at the world in front of me!

This challenge also encourages me to get out more. I start to do more exercises everyday aiming for 10,000 steps as my health monitoring app recommended. To add more diversity to this challenge, I start to look for free seminars on the topics I don’t know about. This allows me to meet new people, visit different suburbs, learn about new topics, get new knowledge and ideas and at the same time still smashing my 10,000 steps goal! I cant believe I haven’t done this a long time ago. I am curious what you do to stay active mentally and physically? I love to hear your experiences.

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